Knot Essentials: The Grinner Knot

Knot Essentials: The Grinner Knot

The Ultimate Braid to Mono/Fluro Knot

Connecting different line types

The Double Grinner knot is ideal for connecting braid with flourocarbon / monofilament type lines together.

100% Strength

Unlike other knots, the Double Grinner does not weaken itself when under strain.

Ideal for distance casters

Once this knot has been mastered, it is extremely reliabl and is a great option for distance casters.

The combination of braid fishing line attached to fluorocarbon or monofilament leader line is something that is getting more and more popular all of the time. This brings issues with some knots due to the abrasive and non-stretchy characteristics of braid fishing line.

The Double Grinner knot is an extremely popular choice of knot for this purpose, used because it does not cut into itself. Many other knots will weaken the integrity of the fishing line when under strain and are something that should be avoided when combining braid with other line types.

Take a look at the following video which walks you through the simple steps of creating a Double Grinner knot…

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