Interactive Shark Attack Map – 2019

Interactive Shark Attack Map – 2019

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Check out this interactive map below courtesy of the popular surfing ‘Surfer Today’ website containing an overview of Shark attacks from 2019 so far.

Shark FAQs

How fast can sharks swim?

Great White Sharks can swim up to a speed of around 30MPH! Incredible…

What is the 'most deadly' type of shark?

The Great White Shark is seen as the most deadly type of shark in our oceans around the world.

How old do sharks live to?

Sharks will generally live to an age of approximately 20-30 years old, dependant on the environment they live in, food available and the type of shark.

Is there a phobia of sharks?

Yes! It’s called galeophobia.

Tell me a little bit more about the phobia of sharks...

Galeophobia: An abnormally large and persistent fear of sharks. Sufferers from this phobia experience anxiety even though they may be safe on a boat or in an aquarium or on a beach. Hollywood films depicting sharks as calculating, vengeful diabolical monsters have no doubt enkindled the fear of sharks in many persons. So have validated reports of sharks venturing into rivers and lakes. “Galeophobia” is derived from the Greek words “galeos” (shark with markings resembling those on a weasel) and “phobos” (fear). “Galeophobia” is also sometimes used as alternate term for ailurophobia, fear of cats, because the Greek word “galeos” is derived from “galee,” a Greek meaning “polecat” and “weasel.” – Information as featured on Medicine Net.

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