The whiting is the most common of sea species to be caught off the British isles. This fish is accessible for shore anglers during the winter when they tend to come inshore as frosts start to occur and the temperature falls.

A drawing of a Whiting
  • Season: August through to January
  • Location: Found around all coasts of Britain
  • Natural Diet: All small bait fish, sprats
  • Record (Shore): 4lb 8oz
  • Top Fishing Areas: English channel, North-east coast of England and Scotland.
  • Latin Name: Merlangius merlangus
Record Shore Caught Whiting Weight (lb.oz)

What is the best time of the year to catch Whiting?

The best time of the year to catch whiting is between the months of August and January. 

Where are the biggest whiting caught?

The bigger whiting tend to be caught more from boats, as smaller but larger quantities of whiting will head inshore when conditions are suitable.

Whiting of over 2lb from the shore are seen as an excellent fish, but this size of fish is common when fishing from a boat. The British shore caught record of 4lb 8oz really is a massive specimen for this type of fish.

Where in the sea does the whiting feed?

A quick look at the drawing above will show that the upper lip of the whiting protrudes out further than the lower lip, and as is the same as other fish species, this indicates that the whiting feeds in the lower reaches of water levels.