A BBC test into supermarkets has found that the “fresh” fish on sale may be up to 20 days old and nearly a third may even be off. During Monday night’s episode of the BBC2 documentary The Honest Supermarket: What’s Really in our Food, dietician Priya Tew and fish scientist Richard Chivers tested ten cod … Read moreBBC TEST FINDS ‘FRESH’ FISH IN BRITISH SUPERMARKETS MAY BE UP TO 20 DAYS OLD

Sea Fishing Tidal Guide

Sea fishing in the United Kingdom varies dramatically during a 24 hour period. The tide will be at a high-tide stage and a low-tide stage twice each in a 24 hour period, and this will have an effect on the venue that you are fishing and the fish that are present in your spot. If … Read moreSea Fishing Tidal Guide

Leicestershire man bags massive fishing fine

Fishing License

If you are a course angler then you will often have to produce your rod license and ticket to fish that venue when asked to do so by a bailiff, but it is rare that we read of a large fine being handed out by the Environment Agency. A man from Leicestershire though has been … Read moreLeicestershire man bags massive fishing fine

Interactive Shark Attack Map – 2019

Good evening anglers, Check out this interactive map below courtesy of the popular surfing ‘Surfer Today’ website containing an overview of Shark attacks from 2019 so far. Shark FAQs How fast can sharks swim? Great White Sharks can swim up to a speed of around 30MPH! Incredible… What is the ‘most deadly’ type of shark? … Read moreInteractive Shark Attack Map – 2019

Knot Essentials: The Grinner Knot

The Ultimate Braid to Mono/Fluro Knot Connecting different line types The Double Grinner knot is ideal for connecting braid with flourocarbon / monofilament type lines together. 100% Strength Unlike other knots, the Double Grinner does not weaken itself when under strain. Ideal for distance casters Once this knot has been mastered, it is extremely reliabl … Read moreKnot Essentials: The Grinner Knot

Sea Fishing for Beginners: Fishing Hooks

Fishing Hooks for Beginners

When you’re starting fishing, it can be daunting to find the things you need to get you going and what you’ll need to land your first fish. The options are endless with the angling industry bigger than ever – you’ll have no problem finding a rod and a reel, but what rod and what reel … Read moreSea Fishing for Beginners: Fishing Hooks