What is bloodworm?

Bloodworm is a bait used for course fishing bait that is approximately around 20 – 25mm in length and is bright red in colour. Blood worm is infact the larvae of midges that is found in the silt at the bottom of lakes and stillwaters.

What is the lifecycle of a bloodworm / midge?

Midge flies generally have a lifecycle of approximately 10 days in total.

  1. The fully grown midge
  2. The egg mass, which you’ll find in the wastewater plant
  3. The egg creates a bloodworm
  4. The bloodworm forms the pupa, which hatches into the adult midge

What time of the year is best to fish with bloodworm and joker?

Bloodworm and joker is considered to be best used during the colder winter months when their lively movement is often extremely appealing to fish such as bream, roach and perch (amongst other fish).

How can I collect bloodworm?

Bloodworm is found in the silt water beds at the bottom of lakes and still waters, and is collected by dragging the bed of the water. This is typically done with a long pole with a section fitted to the end of the pole with a flat edge at a right angle to the pole. To gather the bloodworm, simply drag the pole through the silt, and when the pole is removed from the lake, the bloodworm will be found on the edge of the end section fitted to the pole.

It is probably easiest to contact your local tackle, or order the bait online rather than spending time dragging silt beds in the hope of finding bloodworm, when in fact there may not be any present in that location.

The best place to find bloodworm?

There are actually very few locations in the UK that are commonly known to be the home to bloodworm, although waters near to sewage and wastewater treatment plants are typically hotspots for bloodworm. They love the nutrient-rich silty conditions and will feed off the bacteria present in the water bed.

You must also ensure that you have full permission of the owner of the water before you start to attempt to collect bloodworm.

It’s all part of the angling experience though, and you will save money by collecting the bait yourself.

Why is bloodworm banned from my lake?

The banning of bloodworm from venues is now common place throughout the UK, mostly due to it’s catching ability and how it will often completely out-fish other baits being used at the same time – an unfair advantage some see this as.

What is the difference between bloodworm and joker?

These two fishing baits are similar, but joker is a lot smaller than bloodworm and is typically used as an attractant bait rather than the actual bait for catching a fish. Bloodworm will be used as the bait that is mounted on to the hook, whereas the smaller joker will be used in a groundbait feed to encourage and keep fish on the feed in your swim.

What is the best way to keep live blood worm in a good condition?

The best way to store this type of fishing bait is to store it in a shallow tray of water. Once you have added the blood worm to the water, make sure that the temperature of the water is around 4 – 4.5C.

Regularly check on the bait (every other day will be fine) and remove any specimens that have died, helping to prevent the dead bait from spoiling the rest of the bait before you get to fish with it.

A combination with a maggot caster

A popular combination for fishing a blood worm is with a maggot caster, commonly used to target good sized bream.